What is the difference between Argo and Pro plan?

I read about Pro plan here, somebody said, Pro plan increases security, not the speed. Thats not so cool about Pro plan of Cloudflare. And other side, we do know about Agro plan, which develop caches from other servers when needed and that results 30% speeding to all users around the world. But what is the difference between both plans?

Argo Smart Routing is an add-on; it is not a plan level like Free or Pro. You can get Argo on a Free or Pro plan, but it doesn’t include any of the Pro features. If Argo is all you want, you don’t need a Pro plan as well.

Then why it cost $5?

Can explain a little bit about Smart routing of Cloudflare and pro plan? As you said, i dont needed pro plan if i go with Agro. But why and how you said that?

Argo is a separate product, not tied to your plan level. As you said, there isn’t much in Pro that will specifically make your site faster, but Argo could. You can stay on the Free plan level and add the $5 Argo feature. If you had a Pro plan you would still have to pay the $5 for Argo, and it sounds like you don’t need the Pro features.

Argo is meant specifically to increase speed. The Pro plan is a completely different thing. If all you want is the potential speed boost, you can just pay the $5 for Argo and not pay for Pro.

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Thank you so much for your words. I got your words about Agro and Pro, i m satisfied.
And, i m not in support with Agro and neither with Pro. I got that, both are different things here. But once question i got here in Ago price chart,
Below is estimated pricing based on the expected amount of traffic:

Expected Traffic Expected Cost (Per Domain)
<1GB $5
10 GB $5.90
100 GB $14.90
1 TB (1000 GB) $104.90

Can you explain this chart?

It’s showing the cost based on the amount of traffic your website generates. I’m not sure what’s unclear?

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well, i dont get the exact meaning of the traffic and 1GB … All i mean was to ask you how to calculate the traffic in GB…

The “traffic” is the combined amount of data used by visitors of your website. Argo is billed base on how much data you transfer. For example, loading https://www.cloudflare.com/ required transferring 821.3 KB of data.
The amount of data used by your website depends on the number of visitors and the kind of content. Transferring images, video and other non-text files generally uses lots of data while simple HTML pages don’t use as much.


Thanks Albert, that what i was looking for… Now i m clear about my queries.

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