What is the country/region T1?

I just had a quick look at my site’s analytics, and saw one of the top traffic countries/regions is T1.

What does that mean??? It’s definitely not a country, and it doesn’t show up anywhere on the map, so what’s going on?


I believe traffic from T1 means traffic from known TOR exit nodes

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Oh gosh.

If I disable onion routing in my cloudflare settings, does that mean it blocks TOR users? Or should I add a firewall rule?

It’s kinda suspicious that someone’s accessing my site through that when my site doesn’t even show up on google.

If you want to block TOR users you should add a firewall rule, but keep in mind there definitely are legitimate resons for using TOR


Yeah, I guess that’s fair enough. I’ll probably only start blocking it if I start to get a high volume of traffic coming from there.

Does this answer your question?