What is the cloudflare uncached bandwidth limit?

Is there any one who can tell me the limit of uncached bandwidth in free account?

The limit is more “don’t abuse Cloudflare’s services”, since the TOS says:

As long as you’re sticking to service web pages and not a large amount of video or other files, you’ll be fine even if you go to a few terabytes of bandwidth a month.

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I need to know the exact volume. even free and purchase pack. can you tell me?

:wave: @user1771,

If you need exact pricing based on a specific volume or specific use cases not covered under Cloudflare’s Pay as You Go terms and conditions then you should contact Cloudflare’s Enterprise sales team https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/enterprise/contact/

Otherwise there aren’t specific limits as @Judge already referenced.



I doubt they will be able to provide a specific number as there isn’t one. It depends on a lot of different factors…

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