What is the "checking if the site connection is secure"?

From a few days ago, a security-related page is displayed before loading a web page managed by Cloudflare.

There is only one suspicious behavior on our side.
A month ago, our member went to guanzhou, china and he used the VPN through our company IP.

How can I resolve this issue?
It is very annoying and some application cannot use.

Hi, I wanted to ask if you have found the solution, we have the same error. Thank you

Alright so… this is not really an issue in your end; let me clarify.

Cloudflare has changed its old design for “verifying you are not a bot” with this new design; it’s confusing and I believe the team behind it is aware of the issue and plan to update it in the future.

Is there anything wrong with your connection?

Are you infected with malware?
Most likely not.

Does this page have any security concern in your side?

Is there anything you can do to stop seeing those pages?
Not at all.

What is this page doing?
Verifying you are a human and not an automated bot browsing the protected website.


Not resolved yet.

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