What is the cheapest payment plan has email support?

What plan do you need to get email support from floudfare?
It does not have to be next day, tho that would be nice, what is of no use is getting a plan that is “ask the community and hope for the best”.
It looks like the CF web worker could be a replacement for google Firebase/Firestore/serverless apps - is this true?
Are there any YouTube vids on using CF webworkers, anything on Pluralsight?
Otherwise do we just pretend that its ES6 running on our own server, test it there then publish to an end point on CF?

The first question is easy: The free plan. From the email address associated with your account, send to support AT cloudflare DOT com



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Free plan response time is 4-6 days per response from CS. I dont feel from my limited interactions with CS by email on the free plan, that the CS agents know if its a paid or free customer.


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