What is the behaviour of "Cache Level: Cache Everything" page rule when combined with "Origin Cache-Control" page rule?


I’m experimenting with Origin Cache-Control page rule in combination with Cache Level: Cache Everything page rule.

If I set the Cache Level: Cache Everything and then set Origin Cache-Control to “off”, then I don’t see any difference to when Origin Cache-Control is not set at all.

If I set Origin Cache-Control to “on”, then the only difference is that cf-cache-status is returned as “BYPASS” instead of “MISS” for requests that return “cache-control: max-age=0, private, must-revalidate”

Is there any value of using Origin Cache-Control page rule at all in combination with “Cache Level: Cache Everything”?
If not then when is using “Origin Cache-Control” useful? Is it only useful for static resources, like images, cacheable by Cloudflare by default?

It’s still not entirely clear to me, but my site does a pretty good job of setting cache control. Here’s what @cloonan found out for me:

I asked around a bit and can proxy some details. Origin Cache Control in conjunction with “Cache Everything”, makes Cloudflare fully compliant with RFC 7234 .

The changes from our default behavior are pretty subtle. For example, in some cases Origin Cache Control will cause us to cache content but always attempt re-validation, v. not caching content at all. At some point in the future we plan to make Cloudflare RFC-compliant by default.


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