What is the A Record?

Hostgator is saying I need to do something with the A record

May I ask what kind of an issue are you experiencing?, what are you trying to achieve? :thinking:

Could you share your domain name here with us so we could troubleshoot and provide suggestions based on the feedback information?

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I’ve had this site for some time


Monday I noticed the site was 404, the hostgator girl had me change the server back to them, I did, no change, another call to them confirmed that was right, another call (13 later)

They say I just move the server back to cloudfare and it will be okay, it was for about 3 minutes, now it’s just critical error.

I went into cloudfare AFTER critical error and did a cache purge, did all the updates they suggested (moving A files to proxy on)

Still nothing, I cannot access WP in any way.

I’m at a loss, the hostgator guy said there was a lot of “rewriting” and that was the problem, but again, this site has been active for a few years.

You should also view the article that @fritex included in the post above this

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