What is the A record for my cloudflare domain

Hi there,
I just purchased a domain from Cloudflare and it is not working, When I go to the DNS records, there is no “A record” for the newly registered domain. Can someone please let me know what is the IP address for the A record? I had previously registered a domain at Squarespace and they automatically populated the A record for me. Thank you!

What are you expecting to show up when visiting that domain?

i have a googlesite and I am trying to point the googlesite to the custom domain I purchased on cloudflare. I added a CNAME record “ghs-googlehosted-com.” (it’s a dot, not dash, but they won’t let me post link here), but without the “A record”, it is not going to work. I did exactly the same thing on Squarespace and it works seamlessly. Basically, I just need to know the IP address for where the cloudflare server is so I can add the “A record

I’m not clear on what you expect to find on a Cloudflare server:

^^^ That’s your server. The Google Site configuration should have instructions on how to set up DNS for your new domain.

when you purchased a domain, the hosting company usually points the domain to a server and the IP address of that server is an A record. I have done extensive search on cloudflare and all the people responds here said there is no such thing on cloudflare. I guess i will pay extra $8 dollar to move the domain hosting to Sqaurespace. I don’t understand why cloudflare doesn’t have any documentation regarding that or I am just too dumb to figure it out. Anyway…all the questions i have seen on Cloudflare, no one has any solutions so far.

Yes, but as you have found…

which is correct, but your site is already…

So you adding a CNAME to ghs.googlehosted.com is correct. Usually it is for a www subdomain with a redirect on Cloudflare from the apex domain to www (although I think it also works if using a CNAME for @ from what I’ve seen).

You need to ensure you’ve configured Google hosting with the domain name so it can return the site in response to the request.

If you give your domain name, people can look in detail.

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thank you. the domain name is houstondownpaymentfund.com.

Why would there be no “A record” for cloudflare?

This is google’s documentation. I did the exact same thing to edit the DNS record on a domain I purchased from squarespace and it instantly works. ughh…now i wish i wasn’t cheap and tried to save $8 dollars and purchased the domain on cloudflare.

Because you are not pointing to Cloudflare, you need to point from Cloudflare’s DNS to Google. That is the purpose of the CNAME, which as in your screenshot, is what I said to do.

It appears to be set…
…but Google doesn’t recognise the hostname passed. As I said, make sure you have configured your Google site to answer for houstondownpaymentfund.com and www.houstondownpaymentfund.com.

i am not sure if I quite follow what you said. But without the “A record”, the site is not going to work. I followed everything Google suggested for custom domain which is simply to add the CNAME record. I have the exact same issue with this thread, can someone please kindly provide a solution?


Just think about this: Where in Google’s step-by-step instructions in the screenshot you provided did they mention any A record? If this was needed, don’t you think Google would have mentioned it?

Except you haven’t added the CNAME record Google asked you to!

Why don’t you simply do what Google is asking you to do? Or do you have better knowledge about setting up a Google product than Google themselves?


It is a cloudflare issue. Without the A record, it will not connect the Google site to a domain purchased in cloudflare. And yes, I have added the CNAME record. Please see this thread.

The solutions from most of the responses are rather toxic. No wonder people go for ChatGPT rather than asking for help on Stack overflow.

I haven’t gotten to make it work yet, but I will keep anyone posted once I found out a solution. What a waste of time. Should have spent extra $8 dollars on squarespace.

May I ask a simple question? If you are that familiar with the subject to make such a call, why did you ask here in the first place?

That would be a bit harsh and there’s no need for that, however you appear to have a very firm belief on some technical facts and do not seem to be too keen on listening to advice. So far three people (who know a thing or two about how that thingy here works) provided correct advice, but you simply dismissed it all by repeating the same line and did not listen to it.

I am afraid at this point most people will go :man_shrugging:t2:

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i am a noob as you can see. The “correct advice” doesn’t work.
The instruction from Google is simply to add a CNAME record, which I did. I have done this before with other domain hosting companies, like squarespace and hostinger and they work like a charm. So I am not sure what is missing here.

After I searched for 6 hours, I found a thread that has a potential solution https://community.cloudflare.com/t/new-google-sites-dns-resolving-issues/18933

My site still doesn’t work and I will post a solution if I figure it out. thank you

Add an A record for @ pointing to The result will be the same, or worse, than using the CNAME.

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Can you share a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS page?

I’m asking because the Internet isn’t seeing what you did.

I would really appreciate if you could assist me. Apologize for the pointed words earlier. Got frustrated because a 2 minutes task turned out to become 7 hours. I have done this on squarespace and hostinger, and it works like charm after 5 minutes.

Disable the proxy for that record (make it DNS Only). Google needs to verify you’ve added the CNAME record, and it’s always going to fail when the record is proxied.

Next, go back to your Google account and complete the setup.

It still doesn’t seem to work:

I already verified the domain and published the change. I tried publishing again, but google said there is no change so nothing to publish.

https://www.houstondownpaymentfund.com/ is working from my end.

Just give it a little time – take a walk or something.


Note that at this time, only www.houstondownpaymentfund.com will work, because that’s the domain you added in Google Sites. The apex domain houstondownpaymentfund.com will still not work.

You need to set up a Cloudflare redirect to forward the apex domain to the www subdomain. The apex domain’s DNS record needs to be PROXIED for the Cloudflare Redirect to work.

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