What is required in order to transfer a domain to CF?

I have a domain registered with Wix and I’d like to transfer it to CF.
I haven’t made any changes to it in the last 60 days.
In CF I’m on the free plan + Workers Bundled plan ($5/month)
In Wix I went to “transfer out of Wix” and got a transfer key in the email.
In CF I went through “add site” which imported all DNS record, but I couldn’t complete the the process because Wix does not support changing NS.
I then went in CF to Registrar - transfer domain, but I don’t have any domain on the list.

My question - Is CF only able to transfer domains that have the NS already pointed to it? Why is this a requirement?

If this is indeed the case, it seems that I’ll have to first transfer the site to another provider that supports setting NS, and from there to CF (60 days later). If I do that, will I be able to use CF workers on my domain during those 60 days?

That’s a huge problem. Admittedly, Cloudflare Registrar is the same way.

This sounds like your only option. There are certainly some great registrars out there. Once you do that, you can be fully up and running using Cloudflare, including Workers. Any subsequent registrar changes will not impact your Cloudflare settings and/or usage.

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Thanks, @sdayman

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