What is my websites IP address?

Ok, so my client has a local network named the same as their domain name which means they can access the website I’ve built for them (jekyll + cloudcannon + Cloudflare) from anywhere but their office.

The solution is to simply point some name records (A records I think… might be wrong) to the website domain name and everything will be ok. Easy peasy right?


Turns out I’m not smart enough to figure out what my websites IP address is. Can anyone of you kind people help enlighten me?

I would really appreciate it. =)


I’m not entirely sure what problem you’re trying to solve. You want the users to be able to visit their Cloudflare-fronted site from inside the office…but it’s the same name as their local network. Correct?

Out of curiosity, what happens when office users type in www.rubiconins.com? I expect it to redirect to non-www, then fail because it’s their internal network name. If that happens, maybe turn off the www redirect routine and let your site respond to rubiconins.com and www.rubiconins.com

Oh, but to answer your question, the origin IP address is here at Cloudflare under DNS settings for that domain. It’s also at your hosting provider.

So, your problem here is that your internal DNS servers don’t forward for your internal domain, which is probably the same as your website domain.
I imagine this is a common problem. I have the same issue myself.

Your options here are to
a) as sdayman said, get the A record of your origin server from your DNS settings, and add/modify the A-record on your local DNS server to reflect this
b) Do an external nslookup/ping of your domain name, get the Cloudflare external IP, and use that instead.

The problem with (a), as in my case, when I turn on performance for my website, certain portions of it break, and internal editors won’t see this, as they are looking at the origin server always.
So you have the situation where everything looks fine for all the editors, but the rest of the world sees a broken website.

The problem with (b) is that the Cloudflare IP address is not necessarily static, and is liable to change without notice, so there’s no guarantee that it will stay working.

I’m not sure of the ideal solution. Ideally, what you would need is some sort of yourdomain.Cloudflare.com domain which always points to your live IP address, and you could create a CNAME for your www record to point to that.
However, I haven’t seen anything like that yet…

For my purposes, I’ve added 2 internal A-records, one for the origin, one for the current Cloudflare IP. Every lookup will cycle them in a round-robin system.
People can tell them apart from the page source, and also the different secure certs. That’s far from an ideal solution however :frowning: