What is my IPV4 address

URGENT - Problems with IP4V - I need to know what my IPV4 address is so that I can configure the DNS record and Cpanel Records

Your hosting provider will know that information, it’s the IP address of your origin server that they host for you. If you are set up and operational, go to the DNS app on the cloudflare dashboard and look for an A record called @/the name of your domain and the value of that record is your origin IP address. Let us know if you find it and if it helps you do what you need to do.

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Thanks cloonan:

I will try that

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Just to note, cPanel dashboard has got right sidebar (depending on the theme - can be left if old cPanel version) and there is the IP address from your hosting (do not missread your IP address as a “last time visit IP”) - there should it be.

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