What is my A Record?

cloudflare is saying that I still need to resolve issues with my A record and MX record. How do I do that? Any thoughts?

Can you share the name of the domain?


Go to the DNS section of this #Tutorials for #Tutorials about how to add each of the various DNS records, Community Tutorials.

the domain name is howtodefeatskepticism.com.

The MX record pertains to email, you may want to ignore that for the moment unless you are having email issues and have email going to your domain.

The A record, however, should not be ignored. It should be called @ and have a value of the IP address of your origin server and is missing at the moment…

OK. So If I purchased the domain through Godaddy, for example, would that be the “origin server”?

Could be. Godaddy sells domains and hosts sites, it is possible to buy a domain from them and have them also host your site. If you’ve not set up a relationship with a hosting provider and have perhaps used their installatron feature, then, yes, they are your host and your domain registrar. A quick chat with them or review of your account should show you the origin ip address. Or, check the audit log jan 19 of your cloudflare dashboard on for an old A record and note the IP address address (there are two older A records, I am not sure which is correct)

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