What is "Method HEAD" on Firewall Events?

Just topic i guess. And is it safe to assume it’s bots? I mean safe to block?
I believe the method for normal users is always GET. Am i wrong?

A HEAD request means “only send me the HEADers, not the content”. Browsers make head requests before making a GET request when they’re accessing URLs from other websites to see if it can actually pull that resource. They generally check for the access-control-allow-origin to determine if it the current origin (example.com) has permission to load resources from a different domain (example2.com).

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If the “browser integrity check” failed, it likely means a resource, (whether it be a image, iframe, or something else) was loaded from a different domain (the domain in the referrer header, although that isn’t currently logged) or was loaded by a bot.

Ok i see, can’t block that. thanks.
Maybe it’s caused by the browser integrity check?

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