What is meant by this error "Please check time interval or your plan level (Code: 1005)"

When I open the Cloudflare dashboard it sometimes shows me this error message “Please check time interval or your plan level (Code: 1005)”

What does it mean, and what actioen should I take?

Been happening to me for weeks.
I did make a post about it but seeing as it doesn’t seem to have any impact I’ve not opened a support ticket about it, but if it’s bugging you a support ticket might be the way to go.

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Not sure I can enter support tickets on my free plan :frowning:

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting this and we apologize for the inconvenience - we do seem to be receiving intermittent reports of this issue and our engineering team is actively investigating the cause so that we can apply a fix.

At this time, we expect this to be a cosmetic error with no impact to functionality but please let us know if your experience differs.

If you observe this issue, please be sure to submit a support ticket with a HAR file demonstrating the issue attached as this will help our engineering team understand the cause.

Much appreciated!


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