What is mean Browser integrity check block usa country events?

Hi, in cloudflare security > events
i have Activity log that block service Browser integrity check , and the country is usa.
user agent is Java/1.8.0_332
HTTP/1.1 - FilterExclude

  • Method - HEAD

and i have more activites logs that block ip for link like this example mywebsite.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com.

and i lose video link in google search console, my videos indexed pages is dropping.

You can enable (or disable) the “Browser Integrity Check” under your Security Settings:


In your case:

You received a request from AS20473, which is a well known hosting / cloud provider.

With AS20473 being the source ASN of the traffic, the odds are high that that the request may be some sort of automated / “bot” traffic, such as for example someone (or something) scraping your site.

The request claimed that it was done through “Java/1.8.0_332”, however, something in the specific request was looking strange.

A “Browser Integrity Check” was therefore sent to that specific visitor.