What is forticloud and sonicwall?

When I check the IP access to the website, there are strange IPs.
When accessing with a strange IP, I was directed to the login pages of forticloud and sonicwall.
So what are they?
Why do they visit my website?
Please just me thank you very much.

What is strange about them?

FortiGate and SonicWall are both well known vendors of firewalls and other network security solutions. Both vendors products can be used as an Internet gateway for businesses. The looks like somebody has left the management address open to the Internet, which is bad for them but is nothing for you to be concerned about.


Those are firewalls/proxies used in enterprise scenarios. So if an emloyee opens your website it goes through the proxy and the proxy opens the website for them and thats why you see that ip. If you want to know more just read up on how proxies work. This was a very simplified explanation


Thanks @towel42 @michael .
Please let me ask one more question.
When I try using whatismyipaddress check 1 IP.
I see hostname as localhost.
So why the strange hostname is localhost.
Please just me thank you very much.

Im not entirely sure where the name is pulled from here, but it could be some kind of reverse whois and thats just the name that is configured on that server

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They have actually configured that name in their reverse DNS:

% dig -x


;; ANSWER SECTION: 86399 IN PTR localhost.
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Thanks @michael @towel42

When I reverse query 1 different IP address
I see hostname like this

And when I click on it, the interface looks like this.

So what is that?
What effect does that have?
How does it affect my website?
Please just me thank you very much.

It’s the default page for an IIS web server.

None whatsoever.

It doesn’t.

Are you seeing behaviour that is causing you an issue?


Those are the IPs that have accessed my website, causing the request to increase sharply from 1k to 4k.

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