What is Exclude button in Security page and how it works?

Hi support team!
Nice to meet you.
Can you take a look at this screenshot?

I am not clear what Exclude button is and how it works. I can’t find any blogs related to my question.

Exclude, temporarily, removes whatever you selected from the log-view that you’re looking at. Filter, temporarily, will only show entries matching whatever you selected. It’s just a way for you to filter the view of whatever log you’re looking at.

Ah, so this option is not necessary and this option is for only removing from logs. Right?
I thought, if I click this button, this person(blocked) will be removed from my blocklist. But this is wrong. Right?

No, it doesn’t actually delete/remove anything from the log itself. It doesn’t block/unblock anything. It only serves to filter the log that you’re looking at. Click it to see what it does. It doesn’t make any destructive changes to your account.

Sounds good!.
That’s what I am asking for.
Thank you so much!

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