What is "empty"?


In CF Analytics there’s a percentage in “Content type breakdown” known as “empty”

What is empty? Is it something to be worried about? does it mean a page is loading without data?


Absent an issue you’re trying to debug, I think in general it can be safely ignored. It’s my understanding that content type is typically specified by the sending server along with an object (e.g. foo.jpg will /usually/ have a header with ‘content type = jpg’ associated with it.) Sometimes (on a Tuesday, under a full moon, in August, when the Eagles are not on tour) a server won’t set that for a particular object because $reasons.

Yay! Internet…



I was trying to debug

  1. random redirect issues I was experiencing
  2. I saw “empty” showing up a lot in CF that I don’t remember prior to switching to https.

I was thinking that “empty” might be pages that failed to load content or the like.

So with your reply I understand what empty is a little better can rule it out. :+1:


I think empty is being trigger when the origin server returns a 304 for a resource?