What is considered a LOT of requests?

What would you guys consider a LOT or rather high amount of requests through Cloudflare? Just curious where my API stands… seems high to me lol.

How long is a piece of string? A million requests a second

so in your experience you see about a million a second? that’s what I’m looking for real world users that are reading this in this forum, what are you seeing and what kind of site…

No one has traffic on their sites?

500rps is a lot. How many are you expecting?



Ok, that’s more than me good… If you average my connections over 24 hours not taking into account peaks… I’m at 93 rps so at peak times during the day that may be higher. Almost all API calls. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary… Thank you for the response.

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If you have a look at Cloudflare’s documentation on how to identify rate-limit thresholds, it gives you an idea how to calculate a general threshold.


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