What is Cloudflare's service for caching large files?


I am looking to see what’s the guidance to serve large files (200-300MB) in size over a CDN. Does CF have a service dedicated to doing this? The ToS prohibits doing this with the traditional caching plan, but I also don’t see an alternative plan for this… Is anyone aware what the guidelines for this use case is?

A support ticket will be your best bet.

Ok Thanks!

This question has been asked a few times but there never was a definitive answer. A lot comes down to the intended use, respectively use-case perceived by Cloudflare but it is all a bit vague. Post back here if you get something more concrete from them.

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Will do! I have filed a ticket…

@pavanagrawal Please update us, interested too in the solution…

Sorry folks,

Support wasn’t much help and I got vague answer similar to previous answers.

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This KB seems definitive.


Although, it says “Enterprise customers are not limited to the 512MB upload size” which I think is a simple misprint as the KB is about caching and not uploading.


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