What is "Cloudflare families"? Is that a fake feature?

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Ok, my question is simple: What is “Cloudflare families?” Is that like a parental block for sexually explicit content or what? In addition, is it even a real feature? If so, what does it do and what’s its purpose?

The customer has setup Cloudflare DNS for Families on his/her device due to specific reasons and presonal needs, therefore when he opens a specific domain/website like in the mentioned topic, the domain/website simply doesn’t load due to miscategorization (in process of resolving this issue).

From the blog:

To try out, set your DNS custom servers to /

More about configuration variations depending on the OS and device can be found at the Cloudflare Developers Documentation at the link from below:

Short answer - yes.


Cloudflare for Families adds a layer of protection to your home network, and protects it from malware and adult content …

To setup DoH in your Web browser, use :


Source: https://developers.cloudflare.com/

How to setup in Firefox and other Web browsers:

From Firefox source:

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