What is Cloudflare DDos protection on FREE plans?


I am currently on a free plan with cloudflare DNS Hosting.
I would like to find out what the “DDoS attack mitigation” is, asking the support the answer was “This is only available for ENTERPRISE accounts” and they quit the chat. Kind of unfriendly on “new” customers who ask what the upgrade would be.

Anyway, I still do not understand the feature, so I need to ask:

Does the FREE plan include any automatic detection or mitigation of DDos Attacks?
Or do I need to do anything manual during attack (this is what the chat told me…I need to click on “I am under attack”…

Question 2
Do I need to set the domain to proxied to have any DDos mitigation? Or does it also work on simple DNS only? (I assume it would help on attacks on the domain, but not on the IP ?)

Question 3
So - when using the FREE plan, do I already have some kind of DDos protection? What is the benefit of the “I am under Attack” button (only available for ENTERPRISE I was told). Is this for really high-volume DDos Attacks?

Thanks my friends

  1. The DDoS protection on lower plans is good for the worst of the DDoS attacks out there. At lot of “attacks” can still get through and it takes manual intervention of the user to tune Firewall Rules to start weeding out unwanted traffic.

  2. Only proxied (:orange:) hostnames are covered by Cloudflare. A DNS-Only hostname sends traffic straight to the origin server.

  3. I Am Under Attack is available on free plans. It puts a Javascript Challenge up that does a pretty good job of slowing down DDoS of any size.

Here’s more:

Thanks for the excellent and clear answer! Better than any chat with support :slight_smile:

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