What is Argo?


Hello everyone I am new here but been using Cloudflare for some time now. I was going through some settings under "performance and I saw Argo, I read through it buy couldn’t get the right answer. What is Argo and how does it works. Thank you


Simply it is a virtual backbone for fast and reliable content delivery provided by CF. You can read more here.


A good way to think of it is Waze for the internet. Just as Waze can tell you which route to take when driving by monitoring which roads are congested or blocked, Argo can route connections across the Internet efficiently by avoiding packet loss, congestion, and outages.


Alright, thanks a lot


That is a genius way to explain a technical term to a non tech like me. LOL
I really appreciate that.


I can’t really take all the credit. I kind of cribbed it from the blog post that @Xaq linked to :selfhighfive:


Alright bro. Thanks for spreading the love


It is a product by Cloudflare which enables the Internet to work as it should :wink:
It connects your client to your server from the path where it will take less time to connect.


Hi ryan,
I’m using Argo, i need active Orange Cloud in DNS? Thanks.