What is Advanced Certificate Manager?

I do not understand well what is the Advanced Certificate Manager function in Cloudflare. I have read the documentation and I have this questions:

  • Is there any “hidden fee”, for example, when you try to get a certificate from DigiCert?
  • Can you protect other domains that are not subdomains of your current website (e.g. example.com, *.example.com, example2.com, *.example2.com in only one certificate or if your main domain is example.com, can you generate a certificate for example2.com)?
  • Can you get certificates from Cloudflare CA using this service?
  • Can you download the certificate (with the private key) after the domain verification or it installs automatically in your domain?

Thanks for your help!

  • The fee for ACM is $10 per month on the activated zones.
  • You can generate 100 different certificates per zone, but not across zones.
  • Certificates are from either Lets Encrypt or Digicert. The DigiCert certs are actually issued by a Cloudflare operated subordinate intermediate.
  • The keys are managed by Cloudflare, and cannot be downloaded.
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