What is a zone?

In an email, it says ‘Once available, you will only be able to transfer domains that are active zones in your Cloudflare account.’. I am in Wave 8. I am going to transfer 2 DNs. How do I make them ‘active zones’ in my Cloudflare account?

A “zone” is a domain. They’re what’s listed when you first get to the Cloudflare dashboard.

When do we get the ‘Cloudflare dashboard’? Is that given when we get the email to transfer? Or maybe I should ask how to get to the Cloudflare dashboard? Thanks

If you already use Cloudflare, you’ll get the Cloudflare dashboard. If you don’t already use Cloudflare, then you’ll need to at least get started in order to transfer domains here:

I did this, but I haven’t done this final step yet.

The final step is to update the nameservers for your domain with the Cloudflare nameservers.

It seems that if I do this, my VPS (digitalocean) will no longer be reachable. It said to change from ns1.digitalocean.com to ???.ns.cloudfare.com. Would not that make my digitalocean website unavaliable?

It’ll be fine. You’ll have a new DNS page here that should have all the DNS entries your DO DNS has. In other words, Cloudflare becomes your DNS provider. Just make sure your DNS records here match what you already set up at DO. Then the transition will be seamless.

You may want to start with all DNS entries set to :grey: so all requests go direct to your server. If you want to experiment with how Cloudflare can improve a website, set your website entry to :orange:.

Thanks. This stuff always confuses me. I’ll point to the DNs Cloudflare gave me.

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