What is a request in load balancing pricing?

What is a request in load balancing pricing?

Does a request mean a DNS lookup request, which would mean max. 1 request per user per visit, or a request means one HTTP request?

In my case the user’s would download many small images (map tiles), hence the HTTP requests would be out of question, but a DNS request would be workable.

Can you tell me which one is it?


Every DNS request would be counted toward the total of the requests.

Thank you for clarifying this. In this case Cloudflare is massively more expensive compared to alternatives from AWS, etc., which count by DNS lookup only.

Free, Pro, and Business Plan pricing:

Base Fee:

  • Up to 2 origin servers: $5 per month
  • Additional origins, up to 20: $5 per month per origin

Usage-based Fees:

  • First 500k DNS requests are free
  • $0.50 per every 500k DNS requests after

Thank you. So it’s actually DNS requests, good to know!

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