What is a recommended setup for e-mail sending?

I’m currently using Cloudflare’s E-Mail redirection feature, to have custom e-mails.
With that said would I like to expand this feature by also having the same e-mail used to send e-mails.

I know of services that do allow this sort of feature while you would still use your own (personal) e-mail, but I’m unsure what services/setups would work alongside Cloudflare’s e-mail redirection service.

To make things a bit more clear would I quickly explain my goal using an example:

If it is of any importance am I using Outlook to view and manage e-mails on my computer while I use GMX as the e-mail service.

Here’s some info for you from a recent thread (it covers gmail and a couple of new announcements from CF, but might be relevant to you):

Use Gmail SMTP that’s free or AWS ses works great!!

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