What is a nameserver and how do they go wrong and stop working

what are nameservers and why do they stop working?

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Cloudlfare has a thorough explanation of this topic available.


why do they stop working? and how do you fix them

Replace “nameservers” with “cars” in your question and you should realize that it is too vague to provide any specific answer.

If you have a particular problem with your Cloudflare setup that you need help with, please provide more details so the Community can assist you.

See the following pinned #tutorial for help figuring out what to ask.

I know what a car is and cars today can tell you what the problem is. Unlike networks. Today is the first time I had heard of nameservers so to ask a specific question to an issue is not a reality, but thanks for your condescending remarks. They were soooooo helpful

Without knowing what error you are receiving or what isn’t working it’s not possible to guess at the reason the nameservers have ‘stopped working’. Cloudflare hosts DNS for 27 million+ domains. AFAIK there is no reported outage…. So the nameservers they manage are working.

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“How do they go wrong”

I can tell you from experience that DNS can and does go wrong in basically any way you could possibly imagine.

why do you comment if you offer zero knowledge


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