What is a CNAME and why won't it let me re-direct?

I’m trying to get my domain to re-direct to another website, but my domain won’t get verified because it’s missing a CNAME. I then create a CNAME but it’s still not working.

A CNAME is a type of DNS record that means another party (the “value” of the cname) is able to manage DNS records for that subdomain (the “name” of the cname).

Could you go to your DNS tab, find the CNAME that you have already added, and make sure the Cloud icon is set to grey :grey:? If the cloud icon shows up as orange :orange:, click it to turn it grey :grey:.

After waiting a few minutes, go back to the page/third-party service where you’re verifying your domain and do a re-check or re-verify.

Still no luck.

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