What IP adress range do we get?



We are about to enable Cloudflare for our website but some of our connections require us to specify IPadress to where from the request is sent. Since the trafic from our server is routed through Cloudflare, we need to know IPadress to where the web service is re routed through.

From as I’ve read, all trafic is routed through your servers. Even web services and connections established from our server to our providers (credit card payments, etc).

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Any of these

But If your server/Applikation initiates the connection, it will do it directly with it’s own IP.


That’s incorrect. Any outbound connection initiated from your server will go directly from it to wherever it is going. So connections to your payment card processor or outbound STP mail will have your originating IP, never Cloudflare’s.


Thank you for your answer.
I had a hunch that we were wrong in this matter, but its better to be safe than sorry.

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