What if I'm using a different DNS on my home wifi router

I’m so confused on how this works and I’m sure my questions will seem ludicrous, but here goes…

On my home’s router I am using AdGuard’s DNS servers, rather than because I want to filter out all the annoying ads. (I know Cloudflare has no plans to do ad filtering).

Is there a way to have my router continue to filter out the ads using AdGuard DNS, while at the same time using Cloudflare on select PCs and mobile devices on my wifi network?

I installed the ios app on my phone and my ipad but I have no idea if that is an approach that makes any sense if my router is controlling the name lookups.

There is. You simply need to manually configure as DNS resolver on these devices instead of using whatever DHCP assigns. On mobile devices (i.e. Android and iOS) this is typically not possible and you’d need to install the respective Cloudflare application.

By doing that will it ignore the DNS on my router, thus subjecting me to ads again?

Of course, thats what you asked, didnt you.

I asked poorly then.

I want the best of both worlds. That is, to be able to block ads using the AdGaurd DNS of my router, while at the same time being able to use the speed and security that Cloudflare DNS provides. I’m guessing this is impossible to achieve, unfortunately.

That is not possible. Either or.

So I guess that means it makes no sense to have the iOS app running while I am at home and connected to my wifi network?

I should only have it running when I am on cellular?

Probably. Depends all on your use case.

Invest the $4.99 for AdGuard Pro (iOS / iPadOS; I’m not certain of the features for Android), set Cloudflare’s resolvers (these would be the standard / plus the respective IPv6 DNS; more on using DoH & DoT later in post), and either use one or more of the three built in filters as shown in screenshot or use a filter of choice. (many located @ https://filterlists.com )

As to using Cloudflare’s DoH - you have two choices. 1) an app named DNSCloak or 2) AdGuard (not AdGuard Pro); again each refers to iOS / iPadOS products only, though they may exist with similar functionally for Android.

For Cloudflare’s DoT: To date, only AdGuard provides this functionality in tandem with ad/tracking/malware blocking.

I wish you well.

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