What if I need to stream audio files, like a podcast? Got an error that it wasn't video

So it looks like only streaming video is available, not streaming audio, like a recorded podcast. So what to do about podcasts?

Is this correct? So what to do about MP3 files that need to be streamed? Convert to MP4 and if necessary modify the look of the player? Any advice appreciated.

So I found a solution to this problem. First, just converting the mp3 to mp4 with a standard converter program will not work, apparently because unless Cloudflare sees an actual video track it returns an error.
However, there are online conversion sites that allow for adding an image as the video track (each video frame is the image) when converting the mp3 to an mp4, and this works with Cloudflare. Here are two free sites that do this: www.videoutils.com/mp3-to-mp4-with-image and www.fileconverto.com/mp3-to-mp4-converter
I usually use Replay Converter for video and audio file conversion, so I will ask them to add this feature.
Of course, one could also use a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Pinnacle Studio, etc., to do this, but that’s a lot more work.