What if I click on a known malicious or deceptive link within the community?

Ok, I have a question related to security within the community! So let’s say someone posts a link within the community (and that link turns out to be deceptive or malicious), what happens? Do a see a page like “Warning! The link you just liked (example.com) is known to be malicious or deceptive!” Or will I see my browser’s red flag warning (like the screenshots provided below)

So what would happen if I click a deceptive or malicious link within the community? I’ll be waiting for a reply!

Not quite sure how this is Cloudflare related I am afraid.

Well, it’s related to the community and suspicious (malicious or deceptive) links within the community, and what happens if I click on one of them! Do I get my browser’s red flag warning or a customized warning page that says something like “Warning! The link you just clicked (example.com) is known to be malicious or deceptive!” Basically, I’m asking: Which warning would I get? My browser’s warning? Or a customized warning page?

I am afraid, it’s not even related to the community. It’s actually not even Discourse related.

It’s a regular link and any security measures really only depend on your local system and browser.


So I would see my browser’s warning?

Ah and I’m suspended from Discourse meta (again)


So I guess do what I did last time: Wait until the suspension time is up, then post this topic there!

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