What if i add Primary DNS as and Secondary DNS as



  1. Do this work well?

I am from Nepal and don’t think Cloudflare is fast over here (since there is only 1 functional server working) but I like "privacy so I preferred Cloudflare. But I want speed too, so prefer Google’s DNS.

Tell me, if i am missing something, I’m all ears.


My router is currently set up this way - 1^4 is primary DNS and 8^4 is secondary DNS. I experience no issues.

As for “Cloudflare is the privacy DNS” - The weight of Cloudflare’s privacy claim is not much stronger than Google’s to be honest - They also claim to not log or associate IP addresses for ads. The only extra assurance you get when using CF is the KPMG audit.


Good to know.
I am going to do same with my ADSL router i.e “1^4 is primary DNS and 8^4 is secondary DNS”.
(but i dont what is KPMG audit, even though i googled it)

Thanks anyway.


Building a Consumer DNS Service

The insecurity of the DNS infrastructure struck the team at Cloudflare as a bug at the core of the Internet, so we set out to do something about it. Given we run one of the largest, most interconnected global networks — and have a lot of experience with DNS — we were well positioned to launch a consumer DNS service. We began testing and found that a resolver, running across our global network, outperformed any of the other consumer DNS services available (including Google’s That was encouraging.

We began talking with browser manufacturers about what they would want from a DNS resolver. One word kept coming up: privacy. Beyond just a commitment not to use browsing data to help target ads, they wanted to make sure we would wipe all transaction logs within a week. That was an easy request. In fact, we knew we could go much further. We committed to never writing the querying IP addresses to disk and wiping all logs within 24 hours.

Cloudflare’s business has never been built around tracking users or selling advertising. We don’t see personal data as an asset; we see it as a toxic asset. While we need some logging to prevent abuse and debug issues, we couldn’t imagine any situation where we’d need that information longer than 24 hours. And we wanted to put our money where our mouth was, so we committed to retaining KPMG, the well-respected auditing firm, to audit our practices annually and publish a public report confirming we’re doing what we said we would

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