What happens with "Report playback issue"?

Just out of curiosity…does anyone know what happens when a user selects the “Report playback issue” option under Settings in the Stream video player? It seems as though the report goes directly to Cloudflare, and might be useful to them if there’s an actual issue with the player. But if it’s actually a client issue, such as a corrupted video, it seems as though the client will never see it.

We had this come up for the first time just today, when a user emailed us to mention a problem with one of our videos, and also mentioned that he had used our contact form a few days prior. We had never received that form and were puzzled until we realized that he was referring to the form that’s built into the Stream player.

We don’t expect this to happen often, but we’d like to find a way to handle it more gracefully when it does. It seems as though these would be the basic options:

  1. Cloudflare triages the feedback and forwards it to us when it’s not a problem with the player itself. (Presumably too much hassle for them.)
  2. We remove the form link in configuration, so that the user is channeled toward the site’s own contact form. (I don’t think this is currently possible…or is it?)
  3. We add a note to the troubleshooting section of our FAQ and leave it at that. (This is our current solution.)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!