What happens when we cache in Active Mode vs Development Mode?

Please advise, and expand on your answer to subject question. Would be helpful to many of us. Thanks!

As far as I know, Development Mode suspends caching.


Could you elaborate on your question perhaps?

(1) What is being refreshed and cached when we purge PURGE EVERYTHING in Active Mode?

(2) What is being refreshed and cached when we PURGE EVERYTHING in Development Mode?

Dumb questions, but will ask anyway!

Thanks. Not dumb questions… how are you going to know unless you ask? :smiley:

Sadly, I can’t give you definitive answers - only my assumptions based on my own experience…

  • Purge Everything is independent of Active/Development mode. So, regardless of the setting, the cache will be purged.
  • Cache is not refreshed until a user requests asset(s) capable of being cached.

Of course, someone from Cloudflare will have to confirm these assumptions.

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To add to this, my experience shows that:

  1. In Dev mode, the cache is completely ignored and you’re viewing your live site straight from your origin server.
  2. Should you return to Active mode without purging your cache, you’ll go back to seeing whatever happened to be in the cache before your Dev mode work.

What this means to me is if I make changes and go back to Active mode, I’d need to purge the cache if I want to see the work I did while I was in Dev mode.