What happens when I change the nameservers?

If I change my nameservers and all my DNS records found in my registrar aren’t seen in Cloudflare, will not all my DNS records from my registrar work or be active?

That is correct. That’s why the onboarding process shows you all the DNS records Cloudflare found before it asks you to change name servers. That’s your opportunity to add anything that didn’t transfer over.


Thanks! I added the CNAME DNS records that were missing, but what does this mean? “This record is managed externally”?

Also, if I change the nameservers to those in CloudFlare, and don’t like what happens as a result, can I always change them back to what they were before?

I’ve not seen that “Managed externally” message before. It could be that it’s pointing to a hostname managed by Cloudflare.

If your domain doesn’t work correctly, you can go back to the old name servers, but name server changes can take up to 48 hours. It’s best to try to fix DNS before going back.

All three of my “managed externally” records are subdomains connected to another website, in this case ClickFunnels. So maybe those will not be affected by the new nameservers? They do not show the “gray cloud” next to “DNS Only” under Proxy Status.

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