What happens to my webhost if I go ahead and update nameserver entries in my registrar's control panel to those of Cloudflare?

Hi! I am starting to use Cloudflare as the CDN for my WordPress site. And I see that a requirement is to update the nameserver entries of my domain on the Domain Registrar’s site to those of Cloudflare.

If I do so, what happens to all the files on my webhost? Does making the nameserver update to those of Cloudflare disable any access to my website files on my webhost?

Thanks for the help!

In short, no.

Of course, this is assuming your webhost does not throw any tantrums when you switch nameservers and disables your hosting, however in general, changing nameservers won’t change anything about your hosting. The only thing that will change is that you switch the authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare and you need to make sure that Cloudflare got all relevant DNS entries when you added your domain. Add them manually if so necessary.

Apart from that make sure that only web related DNS entries are proxied and nothing database or mail related.

The best way to start is Overview · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs and #tutorial.

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Thanks for the reply! I have updated the nameserver entries.

If everything loads fine, your Cloudflare setup should be all right.

Just make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict (occasionally Cloudflare falls back to an insecure, legacy setting here) and your configuration should be good.

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