What happens to bulk requests when Rate Limiting is OFF?

What happens if one IP sends, say, 10,000 requests to Cloudflare? (Given that Rate Limiting is off in our account.)

Will they go through or will they be slowed down or will they receive an error code after a certain (which?) number of requests?

I would expect them to go through unless the Firewall blocks them for some reason.

Here’s some of my past suggestions - i’d rather not re-write all of this :wink: Spike in requests causes shared server overload - no idea how to troubleshoot - and - Any service recommendation who can save log data cheaply?

@Matteo: I would expect that, too, but for some reason, my (benign) requests seem to become very very slow after a certain number. And I so far can’t figure out why.

Any specific source for your assertion?

The source is that Cloudflare doesn’t rate limit as far as I know. I may suspect that you may be overloading a single data center and/or the firewall is slowing you don’t since the load looks more like a DDoS. Try lowering the firewall settings to essentially off and see.

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Very helpful, thanks! Do you think a firewall rule, where I identify those requests and set them to “Allow” will do the trick, too?

It should, can’t guarantee it.

Your best bet if you have a static IP is to set that to whitelisted, that should fix everything for the specific IP.

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Thanks! Will test that. Static IPs are not an option unfortunately.

You can add it and delete it every time, it takes a few seconds for it to take effect usually. Obviously works if the traffic is sporatic.

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