What happens if the request is non-http?


I am familiar with Cloudflare providing DDoS protection for HTTP and HTTPS.

What happens if I have sub.domain.com protected by Cloudflare and some requests are, for example; stratum+tcp://sub.domain.com:3747 ?

Will those requests work as expected?

Is there DDoS protection?


As mentioned in the thread you replied to earlier, that wont work. Cloudflare only supports HTTP


Of course, that is why we bypass FTP. It didn’t occur to me.


Yes and no :slight_smile:

IIRC it’s limited to Enterprise customers atm.


I shall stand corrected then :wink:


And apparently they do plan to extend it to other plans.

Though, if it will ever reach the free plan :man_shrugging: but then … HTTP has overthrown everything anyhow.
Next: HTTP replaces IP :wink:

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