What happens if I remove someone from my account?

Ok, I’ve got more than 1 person (besides myself) that can access my account! I’m wondering what happens? Do they get an email stating that their access has been removed? Also, if I remove an account, can it be re-added at a later date or does it restrict them from being re-added?


May I ask if we are talking about having a “member” under our Cloudflare Account?

If yes, then:

I believe yes, as far as the new members will receive an e-mail invitation with a confirmation link.

Nevertheless, the Cloudflare Enterprise plan has got some additional roles and permission levels that can be assigned to each user as stated in below article:

Therefore, when the “admin/super admin” user changes the permissions for some “member” like from “Administrator” to “Administrator Read Only” or any other (like Analytics, etc.), the “member” receives the notification about this change on his e-mail address.

Yes they can be re-added later.

I am not familiar with this information. I belive not.

Hope this helps a bit.

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No, under it’s a user under my CF account

What would happen if I remove them (as a “super admin- all privileges”)?