What happens if I exceed 50 users

I was planning on using zero trust to protect access to a website while in development.
if i share the link with a client and they pass it around and the users exceeds 50 users. will I be suddenly charged $7/user ($357+). or what happens?

thank you.

Hi there,

If you are on Zero Trust Free and reach 50 users, you will be unable to add any more users until you revoke some of them. You will then be able to subscribe to a paid plan at your own leisure if you need more than 50 users going forward. There is no automatic billing or overage costs on Zero Trust Free.

Hope that helps!


Aw, that’s reassuring thank you.

So how much does user # 51 cost? $7 or $357?

@erisa-cf ?

The 51th would cost $7/month.

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