What Happened to Web Analytics?

I went to check web analytics and my single website is now listed twice on the analytics page. There’s now two options: JS snippet and automatic installation.

I already used the JS snippet, and this analytics no longer has the orange cloud. I’m not sure what this means, but if it was disabled, that’s rather disappointing that analytics would be disabled without any forward notice.

The analytics look like they just abruptly stopped collecting data. My site is online. Don’t see any relevant information in the docs. Anyone have details on how this is supposed to work?

Same here. Had two - one with orange cloud (automatically created by Cloudflare last week) and the one I had manually created months ago. To make things tidy I ended up removing both and added again.

Cloudflare seems to be on a “Release fast” cycle and something seem to be out there without enough input from real customers (this analytics change and SBFM for example).

I was considering upgrading to Pro for the analytics, but now I’m glad I didn’t. Doesn’t seem like Cloudflare analytics can be trusted as a reliable product. No one wants undocumented experimental changes to their analytics.