What happened to cloudflare tunnels / zero trust dashboard - I don't see the option under traffic on my domain

Watching a u tube video from db tech who mentions cloudflare tunnels and zero trust dashboard but do not appear to have the option

I have main domain name and have pointed it to cloudflare name servers successfully. I want to be able to run services like


I’d like to do that without opening up any ports on my router. I need SSL certificates and got this set up for *.mydomain and mydomain as a origin certificate 15 years and enabled Full (strict) SSL/TLS encryption.

when I load any of them subdomains (set up in ngx proxy manager) only one subdomain site loads, and it does not load all of them - some just fail or error.

You can find tunnels in the dashboard under your account → Zero Trust (one.dash.cloudflare.com) → Access → Tunnels.
There’s a guide here as well: Create a remotely-managed tunnel (dashboard) · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

That sounds good, good use case for tunnels.

The exact errors would be needed to help more.

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