What happened to Browser Insights?

When I try to check Browser Insights, I’m locked out and asked to set up Web Analytics.

But it doesn’t work because it’s now a Pro feature.

That’s okay, but how do I remove the tracking beacon from my site? I can’t access the settings to remove it.

Hello, sorry about the problem, we are fixing it right away. I’ll let you know once the bug fix is out.


Okay, thanks. I’ll wait to hear about the fix.

For now, you can check the checkbox to disable automatic setup, and this will pause the beacon js to be injected.


Thanks. I tried this, but I still see the beacon.js.

I cleared a few pages from cache, but that didn’t work either.

Thank you for your feedback. We are in the middle of releasing the fix. I will update here once done.

Hello. sorry for the late response.
you can expand the advanced options and there will be a toggle to disable/enable the injection. Please let us know if you have any other concerns. Thank you!

I’m a bit confused with this. When I click update, the beacon is still there. I tried the delete button, but it has a pop-up warning that says - Delete Site. So I didn’t proceed.

So what do I need to do? Click Update or Delete?

If you want to disable the beacon js injection temporarily, you could click the toggle to disable the injection like this
and click update.

You don’t need to delete the site to disable injection. Let me know if your website still has the beacon js injected after going through this step. Thank you.

Yes, that worked. The beacon.js file is not showing now.

But I have to say that the process is not intuitive and is a little confusing.

However, for me, the issue is resolved now.

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Yes, I totally understand your concern, we are still in the middle of working on improving the user flow. Thanks for your understanding!

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