What % from cache should my WordPress site serve? I'm at 33% now

Hi! First-time poster, long-time Cloudflare fan.

I noticed today that my WordPress site for www.party.pro is only serving from the cache about 33% of the time over the past 30 days.

Compared to 99.9% of the time for my site www.nickgray.net

Both sites have approximately the same content: a blog that’s updated once a week, or so. Most all of the traffic should be going to rather-static blog articles, such as these:


How can I improve my cache hits?

Both sites are using WP Rocket.

www.nickgray.net has TTL of 4 hours
www.party.pro has TTL of 1 year – could that be it?

What is a normal percentage from cache that I should see on a WordPress site on Cloudflare?

I’m running my site with the paid APO plan, for $5/mo, on both domains.

Hi, welcome to the Community.

There’s no such thing as “normal” when it comes to WordPress. This platform can be the basis for a giant corporation news website, as well as your neighbor’s recipe blog, which they last updated 5 years ago. All it takes is one different plugin (and not necessarily a caching plugin) and your cache headers may come out differently from the origin server, affecting how Cloudflare cache operates.

Cloudflare cache has an eviction policy that will purge cached page that are unfrequently demanded. So, for 2 websites with same CF config, the more one site is visited, the more it gets cached.

Also, Cloudflare by default caches at the edge in the colocation the page was first requested. If one of the 2 sites has a more broad audience geographically speaking, it will have a smaller cache ratio, as visitors’s requests may have gone to different CF colos…

The best you can do is familiarize yourself with how Cloudflare cache operates and make sure your WordPress installations make the best use of it.

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