What does x-cache header “hit, server” mean?

I know that “hit” and “miss” tell us whether the response came from the CDN or not. What does “hit, server” specifically mean?

X-Cache would be a header from your own server, thats not Cloudflare related.

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Can you elaborate on that? I thought this header was telling me whether the response came from Cloudflare or the server behind it. Are you saying there’s an additional caching layer behind Cloudflare that determines this header? Is there a different header that tells me whether the response came from Cloudflare?

It looks like it. The Cloudflare caching header you were referring to is called “CF-Cache-Status” instead.

X-Cache could be added by anything behind Cloudflare. If your origin is running Apache, it could be the CacheHeader directive.

When the CacheHeader directive is switched on, an X-Cache header will be added to the response with the cache status of this response.

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