What does "TXT" and "TTL" mean?


I am trying to follow cloudflare’s instructions on how to install the free SSL to my domain. I have deleted my name servers on my hostinger account, as instructed, but when trying to add the cloudfare nameserver values, I am presented with additional boxes to fill in’‘TXT value’’ and ‘‘TTL’’. And the available options for TTL are ‘‘half hour’’; ‘‘1 hour’’; ‘‘12 hours’’; ‘‘1 day’’ and ‘‘1 week’’. So what do i put for ‘‘TXT’’ and ‘‘TTL’’ or do I leave those blank?


Some services require a TXT DNS entry, similar to “A” or “CNAME” records. Your old DNS would have the entries you need for this, if they exist. TXT records often aren’t necessary.

TTL means “Time To Live” which like a cache for DNS entries. “Automatic” is the best setting, unless you have a specific need for something else. Automatic is roughly 5 minutes.


Thanks sdayman. There is no automatic option. Shortest time is 30 minutes. Should I choose 30 minutes, and is it bad since it is much more time then every 5 minutes?


30 is fine. At worst, if your IP address should change for some reason, it will take 30 minutes to update once you fix that DNS entry.

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