What does "Total Requests" mean

Hello, I was wondering what does “Total Requests” mean.

Does it show the number of visitors my site had or what?
I’m really interested in this

Total requests is the count of every request on the domain. One page may only load 3 or 4 requests (if it’s a very basic page), but most of the time 30+ requests are made since there are references to 30 different files on each page.

You can see how many requests are being processed by going to a page on your website, hitting f12, going to the network tab, then refreshing the page. At the bottom of the request list, you will see the number of requests made for that page load. Here’s a fresh reload of this forum:


But note that browser cache will make it so that there will be fewer requests, even “cached” requests, for each page load. So you can’t simply divide that number to get the number of page views.

You should use a different analytics service if you want to know how many page views you’re getting.

Thank you @Judge!!!

Uhm, could you possibly suggest some websites or anything so I can keep track of the visitors?

If you just want to track unique visitors, the CF analytics tab is the most accurate since it just tracks how many unique IP addresses have visit your site.

But if you want per-page, amount of page views, etc. then probably Google Analytics. Only issue is it won’t work for people running ad blockers, so you may have less page views and visitors than you actually do. There are also some paid services that offer different/more analytics but I can’t recommend any of them, since still all of them are blocked by ad blockers.

I’m still confused as to what “requests” mean. Is it the number of visitors that go to the site?

@katyrw What does "Total Requests" mean