What does this rule mean?

Could someone please explain to me what it means that the firewall log indicates this:
Manage Challenge - Rule ID: riskyiuam_bot_score
Does it mean that you passed the test and accessed the site?
Does it mean that you did not pass the test?
I’m in attack mode.

Means that bot was challenged by Cloudflare as a measure of Security options & protection for your domain.

Did you analyze your web traffic?

Are the naked domain and www DNS records proxied? (:orange: cloud)

Maybe the requests are somehow bypassing Cloudflare, meaning your origin host / server is at some point of a danger?

Dos it mean you have activated “I am under an attack!” option at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Furthermore, may I suggest you reading articles from the below:

Yes, orange cloud, and yes…I´m under attack.

Ok…the bots were challenged … and what happened? did they pass the test or not? I ask this because it is not clear to me what it really means.
In fact … many of those user agents indicate Chrome/12 … it is undoubtedly a confirmed bot.

This is something that many of us in here wonder about. It is quite strange that we can’t get to see the result of a challenge. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

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I guess that with some legwork, one could check the server log at that time to see if their IP address got through.

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Pff I guess that we could take some strong guesses, especially if they are spamming requests afterward. I wish they gave some more attention to the logging part as a whole, it’s my main issue with CF currently.

Shared hosting…no access to Firewall logs.

Not Firewall Log. Just regular webserver log. That should be available, even on shared hosting.

I’m not sure if logging actually stores the result. GraphQL shows so much more than what the dashboard Firewall log shows.


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